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Radisson Blu Manchester Airport

Trevillion Interiors asked Elegant Clutter to dial up the atmosphere in the lobby and bar of this Radisson Blu hotel. The story of the Manchester music scene was to be the starting point. The ceilings are high and the spaces are vast. It was quickly agreed that high impact installations and wall treatments would suit it perfectly.

The EC design team developed a high contrast monochrome of the Hacienda in full flow. This was used as a lift wall artwork, flowing through the actual lift doors for increased effect. A full colour digital mural was designed by EC for the bar area. Framed objects were hung on top as a secondary layer. The result is a corner of the bar that is turned up to full volume, contrasting against the smart matt black joinery and lighting around it.

Other artworks include graphic icons of Manchester football and select lyrics of Manchester bands displayed on bright gloss painted panels.

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