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Bella Italia Dudley

This artwork scheme covers all areas of the restaurant interior. It’s an exuberant, max volume Italian experience where the yellow of the Sorrento lemons is at full saturation.

The word ‘Italia’ is reconstructed as open lettering out of old palettes and filled with bling Prosecco bottles in gloss lacquered gold

EC’s bespoke artwork content includes several feature artworks, including ceiling treatments that required the full input of the in house Product Designers. A giant chandelier of Limoncello bottles is suspended in the centre of the restaurant. In another area, large painted swept frames are suspended across the ceiling.

Wall treatments are quirky and fun. For example, a wall of the original Fiat 500 components is hung from a scaffold frame in front of a vintage photography digital mural.

And of course there is a fine example of a hand painted mural, completed on site.

EC also wove artwork content into the screen dividers between booth seating.

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