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Bella Italia Abbey Wood, Bristol

Elegant Clutter created art schemes for the high street Italian restaurant group, Bella Italia. The art and décor packages for this brand are comprehensive and rely on a fast turnaround combination of design, fabrication and install.

The themes that EC explores within the artwork content are fun and accessible. EC’s design led approach and ability to work in so many materials allows a more creative approach than is normally found in the industry. EC’s own team produces everything, the famed Bella Italia letters being an old favourite.

Oversized Sorrento lemons are hand painted onto distressed timber.

Vespa components are broken up into a model maker style screen divider.

Opera posters are designed, printed and posted on the wall like fly posters.

Espresso cups are hung above tables in clusters. Some of the dining tables are printed with retro Italian artwork. The list goes on.

Every new Bella Italia is different and new artwork and décor ideas are continually developed and sampled.

In this way, EC are able to help deliver an interior experience to the guest that is great fun, surprising and more immersive than the standard high street offer.

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