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Lost & Found Leeds

The Lost & Found group of themed bars presented a fun opportunity to explore artwork directions not often requested by EC’s clients. Elegant Clutter’s artwork and design team became absorbed into the macabre world of Victorian explorers and plant hunters.

The artwork collection is eccentric, grotesque and strangely beautiful. The artwork features mixed media artworks with responsibly sourced bird wings and feathers, Victorian and early 20th Century bric-a-brac and bespoke large format wall-coverings.

The solution was to source ribbons, twines and cords to create a multi-coloured texture to thread through internal steel window frames fabricated by Elegant Clutter.

These were clamped to the timber window frame to avoid fixing methods that would have contravened the listed status.

Once the technique was sampled and approved, it was then also used by EC to wrap light shades and to thread divider screens

EC also produced distressed wall and ceiling finishes to help create the right overall look and feel.

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